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It’s FRIDAY!!!!! And time for another Five For Friday Post! I am back in the game this week after having a terrible flu and a perforated ear drum…Y.U.C.K! I had the entire week of last week to rest and recover so I have lots of catching up to do…
And now… for my Five For Friday Post!!

1. I have some BIG news…

Shaun and I are ENGAGED! I’m so excited to announce this to you all! Our Wedding is scheduled for July next year – we are so pumped! We are going to be getting married in beautiful Thailand :)

2. 100 Days of School!

We had our 100 Days of School Celebration today! Some of the children dressed up as though they were 100 years old. Others wore tops with 100 buttons and some wore $100 bills! We made Fairy bread with hundreds and thousands, and counted out 100 Fruit loops and made them into necklaces. We read Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge and talked about what we might look like and be like when we are 100 years old. Then the children drew themselves and wrote about it. We ended the day with a dance off – of course!
I got some great ideas from Miss Jones’ Creation Station – and her pack is FREE!




3. I have created some NEW resources! :)

Punctuation Posters – These posters come in a chalkboard and without chalkboard version and are available here. Each pack has 12 posters included in them.


2D Shape Posters: These are my favourites! They can be found here. There are 8 different posters included in this pack. Each with a different shape and description.


3D Shape Posters: These are my favourites! They can be found here. There are 10 different posters included in this pack. Each with a different shape and description.


Dotted Thirds: Lined Paper with Sky, Grass, Ground: This packet was actually a request from one of my customers. I created it especially for her and then realised there were many of you that found it useful too! It is available here.


If you have a request, please email me at
I am happy to create resources based on your personal needs and designs :)

4. Aussie Teacher Tips Linky

If you haven’t already checked out the NEW Australian Teachers Blog – you must do! It has been created by a group of Aussie teacher bloggers who have joined forces to bring you the latest tips, resources, ideas and general teacher talk especially for Australian teachers!
On the 26th of every month we are hosting a Teacher Tips Linky on the blog so make sure you head over to take a sneak peak each month!


I am going to end todays post with this little quote. I hope this inspires some of you AND your students of course, to remember that being an INDIVIDUAL is what makes you, YOU! It’s what sets us apart from the rest. It is important not to conform to what others are doing and stay true to yourself! So remember…. An ORIGINAL is worth more than a COPY!

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