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1. Warm and Fuzzies

It’s Friday again!!!! It has been damn cold here in Melbourne recently and it even snowed!!! We have had lots of indoor recess and lunch times due to the rain and of course with that comes lots of GoNoodle!!!! :P The children also like making me cards during these times. How cute is this???

This seriously made my week!

2. Place Value

My Grade 2’s have been revising Place Value so when I saw these Place Value Pals in Amy Lemons Place Value pack, I just KNEW that I had HAD to make these with my kids. They turned out so cute and are a great visual reminder for the students :)


This is our Place Value Display. I think it looks adorable :)

3. Phonemic Awareness

I’ve been using these little syllable games with my support students to help build their phonemic awareness. Say the word, clap out the syllables and place a peg to show how many syllables are in the word.
I’ve found that it helps with their reading but also with their spelling. Breaking up words into syllables is really important for emergent readers and is one of the first steps of phonological awareness.



4. Text to Self Connections

Making Text to Self connections is my favourite comprehension strategy to teach. There are so many great books that can be used that the children can relate to. I love to use this book, ‘Earings’ By Judith Viorst when I am modelling during my read aloud.
It’s about a girl who REALLY wants to get earrings and will do anything to convince her parents to let her. We then talk about something that the children really wanted and a time they begged their parents for it.
This book is actually a great mentor text for persuasive writing too!
Another book I used this week to model test to self connections was ‘Knuffle Bunny’ by Mo Willems. We talked about how we made a text to self connection with Trixie as we have lost things we loved too. This is seriously my FAVOURITE book! If you haven’t got it or read it…. please get it!! It’s great for teaching narratives too as it has a good problem and solution that the kids can easily relate to.
We also read ‘Harry and Hopper’. I will warn you, this book is very sad. We talked bout our text to self connections and how we have had pets in the past that we have loved and have passed away. The children went off and wrote about their connections.
When I introduce new Comprehension Strategies, I use these posters with the children. Then I leave them up on display as a reminder for the year! They are available in my TPT store and come with a white, chevron or chalkboard background.

Reading Comprehension Posters: Available here:
Little Learners Exclusive Decor

5. Conversation Starters Freebie!

Over the last few weeks I have really noticed the need to work on my students’ communication. A lot of my grade come from families where English is not spoken at home or is their second language so I think its very important for me as their teacher, to provide them with experiences to extend their vocabulary. I encourage them to use full sentences and will often correct their tense or pronoun use. (He/she, him/her).


We do a lot of ‘Turn and Talk’ and I have noticed that they don’t often take turns or follow the basic rules of conversation. So I created this anchor chart and refer to it every time we do a turn and talk. (daily). I actually modelled how to take turns, look at the speaker, ask questions and use full sentences. I also created these sentences starters to help them begin their sentences for share time.


You can download them for free here.
Just print them onto coloured card and laminate if you wish :)
I hope you enjoyed my Five For Friday this week! Pop over and read some other Five For Friday posts form other fantastic teachers from DoodleBugs Teaching here!
 Till next time….


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