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OK, so I’m a little late with this Five For Friday Post but better late than never, yeah!? ;)

1. Subtraction with Number Lines

This week my Grade 2’s have been learning about subtraction! We have been talking about all the various subtraction strategies and practising using each one! We used number lines to help us with our counting back. I also got the children to record their number sentences. As an extension activity, I got some children to create their own number lines using blank templates.

2. Sea Life Display

We finally finished our Sea Life Display! Each child created something to contribute to it. I think it turned out great! 

Lots of these creations were inspired by Pinterest and can be found here:

3. New Products!

I have been busy creating some new products! Here are some of my latest Phonics packs with a focus on blends!

These packs are available here:

4. Classroom Roles

I recently brought out my classroom roles display 
(I know, it’s Term 2, but time has just gone too quickly!)
My kids just love having responsibilities in the classroom – and it makes my job so much easier as well!!!
Available here:

5. Reports are over!!!!!!

Best feeling ever!!!!!!
Thanks for reading my Five For Friday! Head over to Doodlebugs Teaching for lots more!

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