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I’ve been reading lots of blogs written by teachers in the states who are all excited about the end of the school year approaching! It’s such a busy time of year – especially if you have to pack up your classroom!!!

It’s also a very sad time of year. You have worked so closely with the same group of children all year and I”m not sure about you, but I know I become very attached to my little ones. I think I have cried every single year I’ve taught on the last day of school :(
Reading all these posts reminded me of the end of last year and the little gift I made for my wonderful teaching assistants. They did sooooo much to help me and the children in the classroom and we were all like a little family.
I wanted to make them something special from the kids, so I arranged for them to swap with another teacher aide for the morning so it could be a surprise…

The children had to come up with a reason why each of our teacher aides were special.

Here are some of the things the children write inside…..
You help us and Miss Jacobs to learn. (This is my favourite one! haha)   
You help me go on Reading Eggs when I do a mistake.

You help me do my work. That is why I love you Danielle.
You clean the tables and make them shiny for us.
You are good at writing.
Aren’t they just adorable!!! If you would like to use this FREE template for someone special in your classroom, I have uploaded it for you here. :)


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