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I have finally found the time to finish off a unit that I have been working on for aaages and I’m so excited to share it with you all! If you teach ‘Living Things’ to your students and focus on non-fiction text in Reading and Writing, then you are going to LOVE my new Australian Animals Non-Fiction Unit!
Australian Animals Non Fiction Unit
This unit is very close to my heart because I can remember studying Australian animals as a young girl when I was in Grade 4. I remember learning about a platypus for the first time and being so excited to see one at Healesville Sanctuary soon after :)
It’s totally jam packed with ORIGINAL resources and activities to assist your students in learning all about classification of animals, habitats, diet, features and lots more!
You can take a closer look at whats included in this pack by downloading the Preview – just click the link below.


 If you are planning a trip to a wildlife park as part of your Australian animals unit, there are resources included to assist you before and after your trip.

You can purchase this Australian Animals Unit HERE

 Your students will create their very own Non-Fiction writing book on an Australian Animal of their choice including non-fiction text features such as a contents page, glossary, labelled diagrams etc.
All templates are included.
I really hope that you and your students like this unit. I would LOVE your feedback or suggestions, so please leave a comment below!

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