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Reading Goals Reminder Slips

Last week I posted a new product that I am LOVING!!! I should have created this ages ago because it has made my life sooo much easier and my students are finally, TALKING READING GOALS! 
Now, when I ask them what their reading goals are, they are telling me! No more blank faces….

I get a lot of parents who ask how their child is going and what they can do at home to support them so these little slips work really well to inform parents what their child has been learning about and HOW they can implement it. 
I have been stapling them to their Yellow Reading Log books that they take home every day. Their parents sign it so they are bound to discuss it with their child. You could paste or staple it in their communication books or create a reading goal book for them to stick it into.

Each Reading Goal has a little description and a cute visual to go with it. (We all know how much these kids rely on visuals!!!) I have included 30 different goals and some include 2 spelling versions for Aussies/UK spelling and USA. Each sheet comes in both colour AND black & white to save ink. I just print the black & white ones onto coloured card.
I hope your kids benefit from using them as much as mine have!

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