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Our integrated topic for this term is a history unit as we learn about the changes through time in our local community.
We are lucky enough to have a refurbished school that was originally established in 1888 available to us so we thought it would be a good opportunity for the children to see how school has changed between then and now.
Well….it certainly was an eye opener! To be honest, I was actually really surprised at how engaged the children have been throughout this unit! They are really enjoying learning about how things have changed in our community.
Here are some pics from the excursion :)

Take a look at these rules for teachers!
Can you imagine teachers actually having to follow these rules nowadays??? AS IF!!??

3 replies to Old Skool {Our first excursion for 2015}

  1. Hi Chantelle,

    I am doing a similar history unit this term too. My kids are really loving it as well. Our school is over 100 years old so we have been looking at old photos and they think it is the coolest thing ever!


  2. Hi.
    I teach at a rural Victorian school and I did a unit like this too! The kids loved going to our old school and my grade 1s can now tell us the difference between the old school and current school.

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