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2J!!  It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? ;) hehe

Rules Rules Rules!

This was our first full week of Grade 2 and we spent some time going through our school’s ‘Start Up’ program which is pretty much a series of Getting to Know You activities and discussing classroom rules and school values etc. 
As some of you may know…. I LOVE David! I have written a post about ‘David Goes to School’ a few years back with my Preps that can be found here along with the template link.
Because this activity is so versatile, I thought I’d give it a go with the Grade 2’s. THEY LOVED IT! We created our own David’s and then came up with some agreed classroom rules that we can follow based on the book. (I have already had to refer to them and the kids all look up at them – they are fantastic!)
I have also been busy conducting some Pre- Assessment such as the Oxford Top 100 Spelling Test and English Online Interviews. This has given me a great insight as to where the children are at and of course, where to go from here with each individual student. I will be creating their ILP’s (Individual Learning Plans) within the next for weeks for those students’ who require one so this information will definitely come in handy!

Classroom Library

To create some ownership and responsibility for our classroom library, I decided to let the children categorise and organise the classroom library. We sorted the books out as a grade and popped the labels on each of the baskets. These are the new labels I made for our class this year. :)

Word Wall

I wasn’t planning on doing a Word Wall this year but after assessing some of my students, I realised I had a few children that I think will benefit from more visuals. I have one student who only arrived in Australia in December so his English is very limited – he will definitely be making use of it!
I have gone with a Sea Life Theme this year as we will be looking at Sea Creatures later on in the year.

And finally, I will leave you with a pic of my ‘not so small’ puppy. We went for a swim at the dog beach today and this was on the drive home. He was knackered! :) hehe
It’s been a great weekend! I hope you all have a lovely week next week. Happy teaching! xxx

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