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Hi guys!
I am about to head off to a Food Festival today (Yep….. FOOD!!! – I can’t wait) but before I head off I wanted to share with you 2 resources I have recently created and uploaded onto TPT.

Maths Equipment Labels

As you may know, I am heading back to school soon (on Wednesday in fact) so this week I have spent some time cleaning and organising my new GRADE 2 room. One of the things I had to do was organise my Maths Resource Trolley. So I created this cute labels for all my tubs that are on my trolley. I haven’t finished yet as I am going back on Tuesday, but this is what I’ve done so far….
**I will post pics of my complete classroom next week!**
This was the BEFORE shot of my Numeracy Resource Trolley
This is after I began labelling each item.

So, I decided to share this pack with you all so that you can organise your Maths Equipment too!
It just makes things so much easier throughout the year – the children will know where things go too and you won’t get all those random bits and pieces piling up in places around the classroom. Not to mention, they look pretty! ;)
There are 42 Various Labels included – for a full list of what’s included – click on the link.

You can grab them here:

Classroom Library Labels

I like to make sure my classroom library is neat and organised throughout the year and that can’t happen unless each basket is labelled and organised WITH the kids! They need to take ownership over it in order to make sure they keep it tidy. So I created these library labels and as a class, we chose the various categories to label our book baskets. They turned out great!

 These can be found here:

They come with editable spares for you to add in your own text. (You will need Powerpoint installed on your computer to do this).

Student Subject Book Labels

On Thursday when the children come in to school, they will bring in their book packs and we will go through each item as a grade and allocate certain books for each subject etc.
I like to keep the children’s books in labelled tubs in a central part of the grade and to make things easier (for myself and the children) I put a large front cover on each of their books so they can determine which book is which immediately!
I created this little front covers for my students books – Each has a cute black and white picture on them for the kids to colour in and make their own. Then they (or you) can write their name on them and stick them on the front of their books with either glue or sticky tape around the edges,
These print in A3, but if your kids books are A5, just print them 2 to a page :)

There are 14 various covers included and you can find them here:
If you require any adjustments – wording, subjects, graphics etc – please email and I will try to amend them for you :)
Ok, that’s it from me folks, I’m off to eat and drink and enjoy the long weekend! (Eeek! Last few days of freedom before BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!)

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