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If you are teaching in the US, you may be celebrating your 100th day of school very shortly! If you are an Australian teacher however, soon you will be starting out the new year and beginning the countdown to the 100th day!
Either way, if your grade celebrates the 100th day of school you will know just how exciting it is for the children leading up to that special day. :)
Here is a peak at what I have done with my Grade Preps (Kinders) on that special day:
Grab your copy of my outline for the day HERE:

Here are some pictures of the children’s collages. How adorable are they!?


The children all brought in 100 items from home. We used these mats to help us count our 100 objects in groups of tens.

We read and followed a Procedural Text on how to make Fairy Bread using 100’s and 1000’s.

TIP: Start your countdown FROM THE 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Every day, from the very first day of the year, we used a Flipchart on our Interactive Whiteboard that helped us count up to the 100th day of school. It was a fantastic way to learn and reinforce Math concepts such as money, grouping (bundles) number names, digits and their representations on a tens frame.

This resource was so valuable and not to mention INTERACTIVE! The kids LOVED it!
Take a look at the 100 Day of School Count Sheet I used. It includes 2 versions – AU dollars and US dollars.

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