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Here we are again! It’s the end of Week 1, Term 4 and what a busy week it’s been!
I have teamed up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and many other wonderful teachers all around the globe to talk about 5 different highlights from the week.

1. Chicks!

Our unit this term in Prep is all about the farm and in a few weeks we will be heading to a local farm as an excursion. (The children have been counting down since Term 2).
As an introduction to the unit we were lucky enough to look after some chicks and chick eggs which we have watched hatch and grow into the most adorable little chicks – full of personality I might add!
We started off with 3 chicks and 10 eggs and now we have 12 chicks! Some of the grades were lucky enough to witness them hatching right in front of their eyes :)

This little one JUST hatched!

Chicken Paper Plate Craft

Chicken Paper Plate Craft

2. Maths Games

Easing back into school after 2 weeks off, our team decided to revisit some key Early Number concepts. This week we played lots of games to encourage these skills.

This game is my Monkey Madness Game and is available at my TPT store :) It focuses on number names, digits and one to one correspondence. This kids LOVED playing it!

3. New Unit: (K-1) Length

Length Unit: Entire Unit K-1 – Grab your copy here

 This is my newest product on TPT and it took me aaaages to put together! I wanted to create a packet that teachers could literally purchase and follow from beginning to end without the need for anything else. EVERYTHING is included:- Detailed Step by Step Lesson Plans, Warm ups, Teacher Instruction, Student Activities, Math Center Games, Posters, Assessment and Rubrics.

It is suitable for both the Australian Curriculum AND is also Common Core aligned and covers all that is required to be taught from K-1 Length and Measurement.
It is available at an introductory price for a short time.
All activities are hands on and engaging. Some activities included in the pack include:

4. Boston

This little creature has grown so much in the 3 weeks we have had him. He is now full of energy (at all times of the day) and has learnt a few little tricks.

He now comes to his name and can sit. We have been practising using a lead and walking him down to the corner of the street and back (he’s not allowed to go too far as we are waiting until he gets his next vaccine).
He likes to play fetch (mainly with Shaun – he doesn’t return the ball back to me as much).
He can also recognise the word ‘Hungry?’ which means he is about to be fed.
Going back to work this week has been hard because he has been used to us being with him every day for 2 weeks so we put aside a few hours when we get home to play with him and tire him out!
This weekend will be his first session at Puppy School. :) 

5. Reading Log Freebie!

Reading Log Freebie – Grab it here

After the holidays I was shocked to find out that only a few of my little cherubs had read at home. In preparation for Grade 1, I have been encouraging them to read EVERY NIGHT with their parents so I created a Reading Log for them to use at home. Not only is it a visual reminder, but it also a way of making parents responsible for their child’s learning. When my children read at home and fill it out, the next day they receive a ‘tick’ . (See my post about my Ticks and Traffic Lights Rewards System).
It has really worked!!!! It’s great to see the parents getting involved too.
I have uploaded this template onto TPT and it is yours for free. If you do download this free product, I would really appreciate some feedback on the site.
Thanks and Enjoy! 

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  1. Hey Chantelle,
    Your new measurement unit looks fantastic, we did measurement last term and I think I might keep it on my wish list because it will be perfect for next year!
    Thanks Sheri.
    Ps: Boston is adorable. I wouldn't be able to leave him :)

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