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Technology Tip Thursday – Is there such a thing? I’m not sure, but I have something too good to not share with you all!
Have you heard of the Flick App? Apologies to those who have, but I have recently discovered this and just HAD to share!

Flick is an app that allows you to INSTANTLY share your photos from one Apple device to another, (iPhone, iPad and Macbook/iMac) wirelessly! You need the devices to be on the same network and will also require bluetooth to be on.
The best part…it’s FREE!!
This app has saved me so much time! Gone are the days where I would take photos on my iPad and iPhone and then wait for ages for them to be downloaded onto my laptop using a cord and iPhoto. Who has time for that???

You just need to open the Flick app on the 2 devices, add a photo from your photo library and literally FLICK it to the device you want to send the photo to! That’s it!!!!
If you have an App that saves you time, or one that you are in love with and think other teachers would benefit from it, I would love to hear about it! 
Just add your link to the comment section below. 

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