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I have linked up for the first time with many other teacher bloggers sharing their thoughts, thanks to Oh’ Boy 4th Grade!

So, here is my ‘Currently’ list:

Listening: I have downloaded the iTube app and HAVEN’T LOOKED BACK! (Beside’s almost going over my download limit for the month on my phone 1/4 of the way into my billing cycle) it is an awesome app! I love having access to the latest songs and being able to create playlists and store my favourite songs. It’s also been great at the gym!

Loving: I moved in with my partner Shaun a few months ago and it has been fantastic! It has made life just so much easier and he is a fantastic house mate! I’m loving seeing him more frequently and having someone to share meals with every night :)

Thinking: My To Do list just gets bigger every day.  Most of the time, it’s things that I would like to get done, rather than things that really NEED to be done. The thing is, they always get pushed to the side and the boring things like washing and cleaning come first :(

Wanting: I have 2 beautiful dogs! A cocker spaniel and a West Highland White Terrier. The thing is, they live with my parents. I haven’t had a dog living with me in a long time and now that its just Shaun and I, I would LOVE a new puppy. (I have been sending him pictures of cocker spaniels randomly all week!) HINT HINT!!!

                    This is Toby                                                              This is Mischa 

Needing: I have listed this as a need, although it is borderline a want ;) I would really like a new laptop! One a little lighter in weight and that runs a bit faster!

3 Trips: When I was in Europe, I didn’t get to go to Turkey or Croatia – 2 places I really wanted to travel to :( ALso, I have leo wanted to go to Mexico. I have seen some beautiful pics. It’s been on my list for quite some time now… Maybe one day :)

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