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We have been learning about Living Things this term in Prep J and part of the unit involved planting seeds and looking after them as they grow.

Well!!!! The children have just LOVED taking part in this! Firstly, we planted them during the Open Morning and many of the children had their parents or grandparents assist them (which makes them even more special).

The children watered them every day and we made sure they were placed on the window ledge to make sure they had enough light.

We also kept a ‘Plant Observation Diary’ thanks to Swimming Into Second, available for free from their TPT store. They were SUPER engaged throughout the few weeks and really enjoyed writing about the changes that took place.

The unit also incorporated reading Jack and the Beanstalk which is why the plant has a cloud and a castle attached to it (An idea I got from Pinterest).

Overall, a fantastic activity that was able to be integrated into many areas of the ‘crowded’ curriculum.

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  1. What a fantastic activity! My school is focusing heavily on Science, so anything that links other curriculum areas with Science is a winner for us.

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