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We have been learning about numbers over the last few weeks! I like to use lots of concrete materials when teaching numeracy – especially at this early stage. I always like to start the lessons off with some songs about numbers – the children LOVE them and its also a great way to settle them down after recess.

My favourites are: Lets count up to 10 and 10 little numbers. (both available on YouTube)

The children will then head off to their numeracy groups and choose from activities such as making numbers with playdough, matching number cards and objects, sorting shapes into colours or types, number frame counting and ordering the numbers using flashcards.



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  1. Your numeracy groups look great. I'm terrible at taking pictures while the students are working. I especially like the station where they were using animals to match the number card. Being in the states, we are halfway through the year and starting addition…and just as heavy on the manipulatives. I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi.

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