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It’s finally up and running! We have completed our classroom library so as promised (back in January!!!) here is what it looks like :)

I made the bean bag as a uni project years ago! Finally, it came to good use :) 

I painted the tree trunk and used green card for the leaves.
Each child was responsible for making their own owl and chose their own design. Then we stuck a photo of them in the middle. This gorgeous owl template was one I found on Pinterest from Classroom Compulsion and its free!

 Each tub is clearly labelled and the children assisted in sorting all the books out. I wanted to give them ownership over the library from the very beginning. It is their responsibility to keep it neat and organised. My classroom library tub labels are available at my TPT store.

As a whole grade, we discussed what rules we should put in place whilst in the classroom library. Here is what we came up with.
So far, the children have absolutely adored being in this special space in our classroom. Each child had an opportunity to chose some books to put in it so they are all of interest to the kids. 
I would love to see your classroom libraries! Place a link to your classroom library in the comment section if you would like to share!!

7 replies to Owl Themed Classroom Library

    1. :( It really does take so much time to get things up and running in the classroom doesn't it!

      I can't believe its already close to the end of Term 1 and there are still so many things I have yet to organise. There is just not enough time during the day. I'm kind of grateful that my school doesn't allow us to come in on the weekends – otherwise I would probably live there just trying to catch up on all the bits and pieces that need to be done.

  1. You have inspired me to think of some new ways to update my library space as it's a little bit boring at the moment. Your owl lanterns are incredibly cute!

  2. Thanks Casey! As much as I'd love to take credit for being incredibly create…. I get a lot of fantastic ideas from other creative teachers out there! I suppose that's what its all about really… sharing the love!

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