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Apologies for not posting much lately! Things have been crazy, busy at school lately and I have been finding it very difficult to balance life and work – but hey, that’s the life of a dedicated teacher I suppose!

I wanted to create a quick entry to share some of the fantastic work we have been doing in Prep over the last few weeks. We have been learning the letters of the alphabet and look at two different letters each week. This entry is about the letter I and J. Each time we learn a new letter I like to do a little craft activity with it just to reinforce the sounds the letters make.

I found some great ideas on Pinterest and adapted them to suit my grade.

I is for insect!

When learning the letter I, we created an insect out of pipe cleaners and decorated it. We also did a follow-up writing activity where the children had to label an insect. I put it on the interactive whiteboard first and we did it as a grade – then the children went off to create their own.

If you would like to use the Label the Insect task in your classroom click on the link :)

J is for Jewels

After learning about the letter J we decorated capital and lower case J’s with jewels. They really make our classroom look beautiful and the kids loved them. It also assisted the children with their fine motor skills! :)

Hopefully I wont leave it so long between my next post…. until next time :)

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