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Hi guys!
Today I decided to experiment with Google Docs! AND…. I figured out how to upload a file so that I can share it with others……I know, I know – don’t laugh at me – it’s probably such a simple thing to all those experienced bloggers out there, but to me… it was a big achievement! hehe
So… to celebrate I would love to share an Alphabet Chart that I made with you all. I am planning on using this with my Grade Preps this year – each child will have one stuck in their Word List Folders to take home with them and I will also laminate a class set for the children to use as resources to assist them during Writing Workshop.
Click on the picture to upload your copy :)
Oh – and if it doesn’t work for whatever reason – PLEASE tell me so I can fix it

6 replies to Alphabet Chart Freebie

  1. Hi Chantelle,

    It's so lovely to find another Australian teacher blog!! I'm in QLD teaching prep for the 2nd year and it's also my 2nd year of teaching!

    I have been a bit unsure how to set up my 'homework' for this year. Last year the kids had their sight words, phonics etc in a book with a homework sheet each week revising sounds, sight words and numeracy for that week. It was great for most of the kids but there were a good chunk that just didn't bother to bring their book back and Mondays became a super stressful day trying to test the kids and update their sight words for the week.

    I love your folder idea – I'd love to know more about how you set them up? I'm definitely scrapping the homework idea this year and going for something more simple =)

    Adoring Lilly

  2. Hi Casey! Yes I know – there are not many of us Aussie teacher bloggers around…yet!

    We give our preps a Work list folder at the start of the year. (It is essentially a contacted, coloured manilla folder cut in half so the fold is still in place – one manilla folder makes 2) It has the Alphabet Chart attached to the back of it for them to practise their letters. As the weeks go by we add a list of about 10 words to each child's word folders. They are from the most 100 used words and are categorised into colours for each set.

    The children take these home to practise with their reading each night. Once a week we will get a parent helper (if you are lucky enough to have one) to go through and tick them off and once they have all of them right they can move on to the next set. It just means that each child has a word list that is suited to their reading ability.

    When I set mine up I will post them on here for you to have a look.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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